Why Do This Course?

When your child becomes a teenager, life can become a nightmare. However, it doesn't have to be! 

When you have a teenager, you need to learn some new skills. Mastering these skills can help family life become calmer and more pleasant for everyone. 

Your teenager is hard-wired to become more independent, but they still need boundaries and guidance. 

This one-hour course will help you learn what to do to keep a good relationship with your teen throughout the teenage years. 

What Will You Learn?

On this course you'll learn how to 

  • Get out of the habit of being critical of your teenager. 
  • Get your teenager to open up about problems.
  • Increase the quality time you spend with your teenager. 
  • How to re-engage and connect with your teenager.
  • How to help your teenager become more independent and make good choices. 
  • How to help your teenager learn from mistakes.
  • How to set boundaries whilst still keeping your teenager safe. And 
  • How to help your teenager resolve arguments with siblings and friends.

What's Included In The Course?

  • 1


    • Welcome to 1-Hour to Tackle Teenage Rebellion

    • Before You Start

  • 2

    Understanding Teenage Rebellion

    • Introduction

    • Free Guide - Understanding Teenage Rebellion

  • 3

    10 Steps To Get Back a Good Relationship With Your Teenager

    • Step 1

    • Step 2

    • Step 3

    • Step 4

    • Step 5

    • Step 6

    • Step 7

    • Step 8

    • Step 9

    • Step 10

  • 4

    Finishing Off

    • Need more help?

    • ...and finally

Who Is Your Teacher?

Elizabeth O'Shea

I’m Elizabeth O’Shea, a parenting coach, author, speaker, child behavioural expert and the director of Parent 4 Success, which I set up 9 years ago. I am one of the leading parenting specialists in the UK. I appear regularly on BBC TV and Radio. With over 30 years’ experience of raising children and supporting parents in raising theirs, I can guide you to resolve you child's behaviour issues with tips and techniques that WORK! I have four children of my own so have first-hand experience of dealing with the demands of providing 24 hour care for children and all their challenges.

Here's What Parents Are Saying

Leo’s Anger is Almost Gone

Dianna Bonner

“Leo’s anger is almost gone although he still flares up occasionally, it is nowhere near like it used to be, He is generally a lot calmer and does listen much more and tries hard to do the right thing most of the time”

Elizabeth O'Shea, As Seen On...