Why Do This Course?

If your toddler is biting you, family members or other children it can be one of the hardest issues to deal with. 

Few parents have come across the problem before, and few parents have the knowledge of how to tackle biting.  

You need expert skills and advice to stop your child biting. This course will give you the strategies to do that.

What Will You Learn?

In one hours' time you will know

  • How to respond if your toddler does bite (including if they bite you.)

  • The best techniques to help your toddler remember not to bite, so they don't bite again.

What's Included in the Course?

  • 1


    • Welcome to 1 Hour To Stop Your Toddler Biting

    • Before You Start

    • Important Points

  • 2

    Why Do Toddlers Bite?

    • Understanding Biting

    • Why do toddlers bite?

    • Why Do Toddlers Bite PDF Download

  • 3

    What To Do If Your Toddler Bites

    • What To Do If Your Toddler Bites You

    • The 6 Actions To Take Your Toddler Bites Another Child, Actions 1 & 2

    • Actions 3 & 4

    • Actions 5 & 6

    • What You Need To Do Later

  • 4

    Six Essential Steps To Prevent Your Toddler Biting

    • Step 1

    • Step 2

    • Step 3

    • Step 4

    • Step 5

    • Step 6

  • 5

    Ask The Right Questions

    • The 'Asking The Right Questions' Technique

    • Example Questions

    • Your Reactions

    • The Do's And Don'ts For This Technique

    • The Essentials To Remember

  • 6

    Finishing Off

    • Concluding thoughts

    • Need more help?

    • ...and finally

Who is Your Teacher?

Elizabeth O'Shea

I’m Elizabeth O’Shea, a parenting coach, author, speaker, child behavioural expert and the director of Parent 4 Success, which I set up 9 years ago. I am one of the leading parenting specialists in the UK. I appear regularly on BBC TV and Radio. With over 30 years’ experience of raising children and supporting parents in raising theirs, I can guide you to resolve you child's behaviour issues with tips and techniques that WORK! I have four children of my own so have first-hand experience of dealing with the demands of providing 24 hour care for children and all their challenges.

Here's What The Parents Are Saying:

He Stopped Biting

Tracey Stapleton

“After one week of working with Elizabeth, the nursery took Austin off special measures, and no longer needed a member of staff to shadow him, as he had stopped biting!”

Elizabeth O'Shea, As Seen On...